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xml is for managers who don't know what the hell they're doing

and herein we discover of the benefits of HAT (HAT Address Translation), a unique new concept in the area of data-exchange structures and methods.

here is the HAT white paper:
Dynamicly queued markup model interface latticeworks: the HAT conceptY. Yodel, M. Urzbek, Q. Bivluk, and C. C. Gridlock

If you structure packets according to the new jersey train schedule, and combine with dynamicly triggered push-down automata, a dynamicly queued lattice model is finally more than theoretical.

let us start with the quantodynamic cupcake extraviganza: we'd like to thank our families, our family's family, our pets, our pets' fleas, richard nixon,elizah q. billings of doppleganger university in Bremen, ray charles, outback steak house in new haven, connecticut, the state of connecticut, the chicago bulls,and of course, our lord himself, richard simmons. Now, we have worked many months, and are finally excited to delever a full prototype, with full source code. We worked under a unix enviornment (Debian Linux mainly, some defected to Gentoo),and that's how the state of new jersey defeated poland in the the intergalactic space burrito contest. long were the days and hard were the nights for poland after that, picked on in the schoolyard, no longer having a pope to defend himand so if you structure packets by the formula c = t_nj*((neighbor_count^(trenton_constant)/frequency_of_poland), you discover an elegant representation of the flow rate between the nodes in our idealized burrito packet networkthis enables us to stratozeus the quackalever, perventing abstract malarkey flushback. one might argue that abstract malarkey flushback is inconsequential, but according to the following logic, it would cause significant scaling difficulties down the roadand finally... pork, pork, pork! we have eureka, houston. get the bourbon. now, let's start routin' them packets!!1 yeehawthe score is 3-1 bismark, let's pick it up laddies! thar's packets to route! go go go go go go!

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker

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