roybot (roybot) wrote in ricedoutyugo,

landing upon the filch of zedcore

...and mining datas aplenty from the rivers of the net. why, yes, that one looks good. NOM! datas. -I AM A TACHIKOMA- wat is this now?? a treasure trove!!1 -NOM- datacoredump ok now, teleport, datas, teleport, ok, nom, excrete datas, excrete datas, nom NOM NOM, excrete datas on charlie sheen's lawn (at which point charlie sheen has a NOM). nom nom nom nom and now i'm dreadfully tired of this word, and i'm a bit full-up on data too. let's see wotzin dafuhrge nsted~

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker

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