roybot (roybot) wrote in ricedoutyugo,

disoriented old fart speaks

fans of the lourve need to be careful in poison. seth blue's masticated lover is hiding in the folds of the fan. i am not kidding about this. i might sound insane; many, including doctors, have told me that i am. they, however, have not seen what i have seen: the unholy geometry of elton john's backyard. the tapestries of cher's microwave. steve ballmer's armpit. they are real, ayaughaschpzpeel. they are real, whammy whammy.... listen to me, young man. i see the jaded cynicism in your eyes. draught lager, 7.3%. arabian rugs at unbelievably low prices. i'm just reading the airwaves. here, let me show you the smell of saturn. hey!! come back

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker

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