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"The Terrible Secret of Genetics." or "Breathtaking hypothesies on a shoestring budget"

So... Does North correspond to Anode or Cathode?

Consider animals' tendency to fight against other species so furiously
for resource conflicts, Usually food. It is such a fundamental
tendency of evolving and competing lifeforms that it is observed
in many different species and even in some plants.
Indeed, so fundamental that it forms even between members of different
biological Kingdoms.Now consider the following. As human animals,
that are also subject to evolution, we have the same tendency.
We kill plants and animals that invade our resources. We kill ourselves,
other nationalities and tribes. We war. Yet, we have not faced another
species that even closely threatens our primary resource for what has
likely been hundreds of thousands of years.
Our primary resource is intelligence.
Do you expect that encountering extraterrestrial intelligence for the first
time will go smoothly?

Posted by wolf530 (analog hacker extraordinaire)

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