roybot (roybot) wrote in ricedoutyugo,

progress report from riced out engineering

rather than risk a conniption of the bozatochic danube, i elected to compose my pie using zinc and brass. i set my wave-soldering oven to "eletrical engineering" and off we went. things baked smoothly, at first, but a packet of data started to develop in the 3rd nodule, pressure increasing to dangerous levels. as kenny loggins was nowhere to be found, i was forced to shank the bastard with a candy thermometer. it told me that the time was right for rock candy, so i put on pink floyd and candy-coated my fuzzy slippers. this fully resolved the situaiton, allowing me to get on with producing pie mkII. after letting it cool, i sent it down the hall to QA. i'm satisified with my progress on the design, but i never seem to fit as much into the day as i'd like to. better to try and fall short than to set the bar too low, i suppose. i vaguely recall noting i made a note to go to the grocery festival, but i seem to have forgotten that i forgot. maybe tomorrow. just sparked up a zeppelin; it's lentil time. also -- last night, i had a dream about robot mechs.

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker

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