roybot (roybot) wrote in ricedoutyugo,

i have an extremely long arm that reaches deep back into the inky waters of my brain and retrieves words

affluence of effervescense leads to collapse of pfefferpeppins. sparky bach tendrils made of black quartz fractal tree back into my ccranium. back the truck up there, jed, i've got a large pallete of words. i'm not sure i'd call it distinguished, but it is remarkable in some krounreoul-verf3tney urle. diddle ditz on the bus, milking semen, drinking pus. move your fat ass off that seat, your underarm smells like a yak in heat. team acid has 303 quarterback, 808 cleeeeeetetetetttsss. when team acid wins, team acid dumps rolandaide on acid coach.

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker

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