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okay. for this to make any sense, you will have to have seen the movie Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark... Indian Jones Collection, as my b*t*rrent has fuckin' nameth'd it. at the end of this m*vie, they open the fuckin' box and everyone dies and melts except the main characters who have the good sense to not look at the crazy shit (spoiler warning). there was a camera there. what happened to the film in it??? i suppose it burned. however..

ladies and gentlemen, i am proposing we MODERNIZE this film. the ark is found in that huge room of boxes that it was last shown being buried in. when a lot of d00dz get pwnd, they realize this is some Serious Shit and stick it in an underground bunker with a fuckin' mars rover to open it and camera behind armageddonproof glass. they get a video of it opening... but as they're watching monitors, all the tech d00dz get pwnd. melty.

there is debate about what to do with the tape. some say just delete it. others want to keep it as a weapon.

then.... some jerk uploads it to youtube.

it would be... RICKROLL OF DEATH!!

i would have really preferred a movie like this instead of "ring 2" or "cloverfield." if you'd like to purchase this wolderful plot or others, we can work something out, but be aware i am terribly addicted to seeing lots of digits on my account balance i'm ballin outta kontrol halp

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker

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