September 8th, 2016

  • roybot

achievement unlocked: first cawntact

i was frantically scribbling flowcharts, arrows, and using the full neural net capability of my wat matrix to condense my things i'd forget into writable things so i'd not forget them. i'd been distantly aware of the crows for a while.

they were loud. it slowly wore me down over the course of... i dunno, three and a half transcribed things. crows, wow, loud. i was a bit irritated. i am in this empty parking lot at 5am precisely to avoid this sort of nonsense.

right as i am thinking this, a crow sails in and lands on an embankment reasonably close to my failed bubble of isolation.

CAW CAW! ~~ says the crow.

oh, what the hell.

caw CAW! ~~ i return. i can't transcribe that i'm doing a songy caw, and that the first one was lower by a third or so; please imagine this.

the crow is not really bothered. he only goes up to defcawn three: ~~ CAW CAW CAW!

i return fire ~~ caw CAW cawwwww ~~ you know, again, songy. mid HI lowwww with the last one drawn out.

the crow tenses, a bit unnerved. but he gets himself together: ~~ CAW CAW! ~~

i songbird back: ~~ CAW CAWWWaaawa.. ~~ going all wop wop wahuhwahhh on him.

now he's looking at me. god bless crows, though, they are curious birds. big, heavy, with matching brains. they don't fly off because flying is expensive if you're a bird 747. you figure it out a bit more.

CAW! ~~ he caws. at me.

CAWW! ~~ i caw, enthused. like: yes, you got it mate!

his body language said confused already, but now... yes, i think i just made a crow wat. it was unmistakable

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker