May 28th, 2016

  • roybot

dead ravens

The fan reverberations were clearly a variety of random pitches, always one for at least a half decent answer I went for D# after n minutes. If I had to be tired of no sleep whilst tired at least beam me up to the mothership. I'm sick of this place. Outside a wasteland, noise of bizarre IRC mental health patterns too intersected and layered to decode at this hour. Music not possible on power saving so ASCII and murder mystery show = companion. The diesel generators are running out, I fear the situation is grave as another fuel mission is perilous to say the least. Baud maintain whilst other stations broadcasting. Now I must return, usually to achieve or construct but to merely maintain for this brief pause to think and to lay back in a calm sea. The nightshift fills in the gaps, works from france, US, canada, germany travel through the network into the neural interface, running on slower temporal frameworks nicens the pieces, a small victory against our demons. Autoplay across the network back to my song, the algorithms have us all now. You don't want to look up to

Posted by Mahjong The Wisest