April 4th, 2016

  • roybot

i warned ya

i dunno twumpet on a windy man contwoller but trishtina said to tell you to tell steve that she thinks he's tubular in a gross kinda way. also trishtina has some question about CentOS on a VM and i can't get my platform to trust anyone since that boot sector virus the printer is out of plotter and the paper is full of bees. VP elkerkind wants vax/vms by next tuesday and extra lettuice on his sandwhich if you know what i mean. she was a fine diode, aye. STOP! FOCUS! do the job. this is important -- all that crazy crap on the internet? it ain't gonna write itself. so don't stop it. be the vessel. stir some sass; parametric. yes, that will do nicely. sass to parametric; weasels to nomimal. if your weasels are not nominal, please report this at once. also trishtina needs some help figuring out montage on imagemagick and the sales guy spilled cocaine alll over his abstractions and he needs his powerpoints undusted before update tuesday and also the coffee machine is not responding to pings i think we forgot to switch over the subnet if i'm gone for three hours you know why

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker