December 7th, 2015

  • roybot


Amongst the cold morning were feelings of extreme distaste. The maiden who proclaimed many a criticism was gone, such verbose diatribe could be a contributing factor. So yeah in this book everything is gone, but maybe actually nothing is gone. Hold on I'm speaking normally let me revert to pseudo intellectual bullshit. Oh sorry, apparently that was already turned on let me turn that off and then correct a pigeon amongst peers. It was a cold ominous morning, but it was july, and people wondered strongly if It might be june. A sound uttered amongst the dawn chorus, so earth shattering that it reverberated the air itself. Sonic disturbances oscillated, rolling into frequencies not previously heard by any Neosapien.

It awoke. It had held his people close to him, this was to become a downfall. At first It felt a great sadness, loss of unfathomable magnitude. Whilst pondering if Itself was an itself, the writer tapped away in the smoky attic, prophetically unwinding his own demise. Thy heart amongst thee is banished, great envy amongst thy newly accepted vagabonds. It had been misunderstood, a creature formed of crystal and stone. A beast, a triumph and a tragedy. Itself continued into the hazy landscape that could have been but is not quite. 'Hypothetically a thesaurus could help with such an endeavour amongst people expecting sentences': Thoughts like this were generally dismissed and thrown into a pile amongst severed arteries.

An infant screamed out, piercing the air with the kind of frequency humans were most sensitive to. It was the baby that would later be called Jesus. He was an OK kid but to be honest the miracle stuff is all bullshit, mild coincidence at best. My own infant came suddenly, the wife progressed from about 4-9 months in what would be considered 2 earth weeks. This was a couple of weeks after Jesus, I feel a little bit overshadowed if I'm honest.. and who wants to be born in the year zero. I talked to a man that showed up in our flat (our flat was basically a stable and people used to mistake it whilst storing horses) who told me of the tale of the Golden Omen. If one were to posses said artefact it would restore past loves and heal all open emotional wounds. Naturally Itself was keen to seek such a infamous treasure, a unfounded relief. There was only one man to go to.

Itself found itself in the offices of Mauve Julius Ltd, looking for a step up in the detective ladder. Broads were piling up with their ear to the stone, absorbing word after word of exquisite wisdom on domestic abhorrence. I shift my hat to the side and glance over at Itself, I will be gone from here soon.. a mere pixel or speck on the canvas of space. Itself snatches a ticket and waits, a sublime patience emitted from the act itself. 'Y'dont speak easy do ya?' the presumed receptionist called. 'Why no I-' Itself proclaimed before stumbling into a large filing cabinet. After a bemused look from the secretary Itself was startled by a moth that had escape from a nearby file, as first impressions go Itself was not on great terms with the help.

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