May 24th, 2014

  • roybot

Bassline Utopia


some say that on that day he assembled associates in order to create a new world border, once in which space-time would be encompassed. The organ sounded on the off-beats and the breakbeat blared on throughout the night-sky. Nothing was changed. Loss of essential technologies do not cause entire system collapse, colossus will defeat and defy. As I hear the bass tones I prepare the MS4-C notes and push them into the vacuum tube which, god willing, will proceed to MIT. Tubes send and receive, breakdance to resolve the geopolitical strife. God speed. We are not watching you, trapezoid freak circus. Only they are watching themselves if not one then without one in times of context. Sip from the canister and buy your milk from Monsanto, DO EET, RTQP ENGAGE THE STAR WARS SATELITE SYSTEM, WE MUST REBEL. THIS ACT OF WAR MUST NOT GO UNRECOGNISED. WE ARE ONE. WE ARE INDEPENDENT, SOMEHOW SIMULTANEOUSLY. CAPS LOCK.


YES. Stop. If I could fix the interpretive fix I could program the A10 wartohog and the DOD in fusion centres if the intact chinese infact HAARP 0.9hz fix on area I don't know if you could fuix that, fux that, fuize that, fuse into the next subject: thorium fix until economics until the obscene fix the crap tha t juxtaposition on the typewriter in naked lunch it morphs into bugs and when that happens I'll be fuckledb itsdb fg sdm fsdjui uit'sit's the fix the f8ix of the cenutry I have it I understand somehow theb obscene input ouytptu neural somehow totallly interfacing, get the ludsjfkl. slow down, I have something to say and always have done I guess: it's the interaction and the perplexities of social variation. Bad and good are hard terms to define, if you had 3 bags of whoool would you get wool? (ignore that). Truth duders you are fucked up if you are on the target audience, but use it. Use it well. Figure I could fix the in-pbalanc-e-e- of the meta neutrality utopia but I just messed it up with static, differing minds and didffernciating options and opinions. Spanners instead of engine rebuilts, idealistic... I heard from my buddy in prison today we talked about reactors, science is cool. Yes I belong inside because obviously Yugo is totally , he knows that he deserves it. Being a naturally non-violent denizen of western earth inc. I have little relation to rage that caused such devastation, some might say a certain ignorance to such a complex ethical situation. The headlines are a world away from the back story. In what way is Sqaurepusher similar to Ceephax? In interesting ways that's what. Basically be nice to each other, respect other people's shit. I'll be back when I resurrect.

Posted by Mahjong The Wisest