February 27th, 2014

  • roybot

simple, automated kettle

Her name was Geraldine Buick. She wielded a sonic schnauzer in 47 dimensions, but had unacceptably unorthodox views regarding earwig taxonomy. The parsimopey of thje snipjuation juzz vastly apluened by eeeeeeeeeels and tonic, careful there she's a raspy girl, some of the gears date back to 1937. But old Geraldine knew how to work her, in any case, mitting up and just casually reaching into the translation lookaside buffer -- raw. She was that kind of lady, I tell ya... but she had unacceptably unorthodox views when it came to broadcast automation. Sla jigger was thibb kermupple, yes sir, plontz plantz, careful now, squirt some wd40 in the carb, I think the TLB is a naughty naughty. Old Geraldine Buick would have this patched up already; she was like that. However, she had unacceptably unorthodox views regarding honklim snese musoc. Hrieleis krillira, tunkyfish, omg, omg, thats. So I calculated a muthafuckin causeway and QED'd up out of that bitch, bleep blorp. Ah, yes, there we are, all done. I promise you, this is just a lovely cup of tea, don't mind the reside from that badly-calibrated floating point routine

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker