July 13th, 2013

  • roybot

How do you do

Well... it's come to this: I won't stand for this half rate malarky from the likes of such a prestigious organisation. Some might say standards have slipped but let me tell you standards have not just improved but they have evolved into space faring otters. You think this is a fucking joke? space faring otters you heard me right. You realise how many dams fucked their dams? Wait no is that beavers... no I just did an internet search for wet beavers it's definitely not that.

Brrrr, so many brs.... you know how myspace recently modernised their cuntinterface, so no HTML anymore... that's great for the modernised luser but what about teh hax, a thousand million myspace pages ruined. Google decides blink no longer economically viable. Memes now legally have impact font in all countries. Geocities installs mandatory like bars. Riced Out Yugo installs share on G+ buttons. OH GOD, OH JESUS, THE FUTURE... THE TERRIBLE DYSTOPIAN FUTURE... oh wait actually it might be alright. I mean look at all the homos, the blacks... they have rights these days so we're moving forwards.

Posted by Mahjong The Wisest