April 25th, 2013

  • roybot

No Bet

"...I'm sure of it. I'll bet my third chin on it!" I declared.

"No bet," Sgt. Erlschnitzel said. "You've been trying to get rid of that thing for months."

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker
  • roybot

i came to a realization once

One time I found out that there was one plot to every movie - someone writing a story from the point of view of birds, and us watching as he finds out that the plot to every movie is that he's writing a story about the birds. This makes me uncomfortable, almost unspeakably so; we don't know what birds think, but then we go and make a Twitter, where everything is a metaphor (a story) about how birds talk to each other, how they network. This parallels another peculiar feeling I have about bees, an adjacent thread, but I get the feeling that one is for a later realization.

Posted by Mr. The Plague (mastar of teh gibson)