March 3rd, 2013

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post-loading notes

Borges saw the Aleph; i merely had its location pointed out to me. It's not under a staircase, or even in the mind. It's everywhere and nowhere all at once.

I did look at it around the corner, though. Even that brief glance changed things, or maybe it left them the same. I'm not sure anymore.

Posted by Mr. The Plague (mastar of teh gibson)
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the back of a napkin

shape method red green blue additive subtractive megalith monolith space stars neutron fusion fission transmutation green orange davis monster trick combo multiplex multiform alpha cuneiform sonic photic linedef segfault coredumped terminus space fields expose skeletal animation foundry manifold unfold ix ix ix ix pokerface spine skullsnaps juxtaposition superposition xylem true boolean abstraction tolerance retransmission control odd even redirection reprogramming spectral rocket punch nine seven nine seven nine seven six hundred stars uneven fractal dynamics subdermal authenticity~ expectation reconnect with it we have just folded space from ix. many machines on ix. ix. LG ORBIFOLD foilspace subspace membranes somnolence artifact wave function of time phoenix scream phoenix

post midarc stimulus