February 12th, 2013

  • roybot

great moments in watball

fourteen eels under the lyre. oogrnak wriggles up to the plate and raises all nineteen bats. the pitcher absorbs the 47 balls into his biomass and begins charging up, with visible bioluminescent results. "look at flower in fog," the crowd cheers, "and serve us biscuits for breakfast!"

confused, the pitcher falls into a hole in the universe, but manages to spew out 19 balls before being completely engulfed. oorgrnak managed to hit 20, via hitting two balls with one bat. if you know what i mean

oogrnak sqwriggled onwards! to first base!! his wallop as a hitter aside, it's hard to run with 87 legs. he touches down at first, and lays eggs underneath the plate!!! the crowd goes wild

really wild. shut up crowd. SHUT UP WE MUST WATBALL ok thx

pitchers have caught about 14 of the balls at this point, it's gonna be a close one folks

OH! he sails by second, leaving just a pheromone trail behind, unbeli-
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Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker