February 1st, 2013

  • roybot

helpful semenar

humble thine draynigger doth query the pizza in tandomme, MASH, MASH, the everlasting titmash. oh my god the funky uranus. 88888ttttt tits. pie. SPANK!~ fqwum fwum fwum fwum scones. fwum fwum fwum fwum fwum pie. fwum fwum fwum fwum fwum fwum fellatio. sexually inappropriate roomba. powerpoint slide one. phase one: warn the roomba that it is touching you in appropriately, and ask it to stop. next slide. phase two: if the roomba does not stop, please get to a secure area and call our toll-free 800 number. next slide: phase three: if you you are unable to get to a secure area, the battery runs out in approximately six hours.

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker