December 28th, 2012

  • roybot

wake up mister freeman, wake up and smell the asses

Colors blinked into existence, nonsense shapes everywhere. Squares and lines crawled and flickered in my eyes, blinking irrationally across white noise. Milliseconds later, I could see to a degree a tile floor, or perhaps a ceiling, but the darkness was still a pixel mess of crawling red, no, green. I couldn't feel my fingers, or anything else for that matter. Where was I? Panic filled my thoughts, I never get lost. I always know where I am.</br>"-hear me?", a voice said. Male perhaps.</br>"Where am I?"</br>"A lab aboard the Phatasmal Image"</br>"Phantasmal Image? Please, where am I? I can't move."</br>"Your motor function and tactile sensors should come online in a moment, you were put in hibernation for transport."</br>Transport? Phantasmal Image? Hibernation? Everything was wrong.</br>"What transport? Where is..." I didn't know what I was going to ask about. I don't ever get lost. I could feel my hands tingling. A stinging sensation, hot and cold all at once.</br>"You've arrived in the Incheon-Spector system, on the Phantasmal Image coming from Montauk, the ship left twenty three years ago. Do you remember your identity?"</br>I managed to turn my head, and suddenly I could smell. An unpleasant smell: body odor, mold, machine oil and old cabbage all at once. Where had I smelled old cabbage? Something was in the way of my eyes, dark brown strands of something.</br>"I am Erika Navarro. Core Industries Montauk serial number F137AE7."