August 20th, 2012

  • roybot

My drive today

So I was rolling through the countryside at reasonable speed. The police vehicle that was indicating left started indicating right when I passed it. I was sure that they would stop me, lacking the ANPR they desperately needed they were not aware of the fact that my car was perfectly legal. Maybe it was the bird shit that did it. I knew I should take better care of the cleanliness of my car...

As I had just procured some fine bud, frustratingly, in different bags, I was not keen to deal with police at that current moment in time. I figured that it wasn't failure to stop if they hadn't tried to stop me yet. Once the corner had passed my knowledge of the road helped me survive. Such speeds had only be achieved by Captain Picard. Once I had achieved enough distance I switched left at the nearest dirt road and put my precious stash where I could find it later. I then proceeded to unleash a piss in order to legitimise my abrupt dirt road detour.

As it turns out they lost me anyway... my cars engine stopped out of fear when I departed again and I drifted down the rest of the hill. Once it cleaned it's underwear I was ready to go. I am going to skin up now. Goodbye and god bless all living entities.

Posted by Mahjong The Wisest