April 8th, 2012

  • roybot


It started as a joke: the kitty wanted a minimalist birdfeeder. So we all got in the car, and went to the birdfeeder store. He pawed at the ones that kept squirrels away by sliding shut when something of sufficient size was hanging from the perches, and the big wire-mesh tubes (which would really 'only attract finches'). There were the ones which were plastic tubes with metal perches and detachable bottom ends for cleaning. (I thought the first kind to be a particularly elegant hack.) He meowed, and we eventually settled on the cheesily-named dinnerbell. Then we had to get birdseed. He passed up all the ones that left shells, and the ones that were made up of a single kind of seed, which left this no-mess blend. The kitty turned out to be very concerned about being sure to attract a wide variety of birds.

Posted by Mr. The Plague (mastar of teh gibson)