March 29th, 2012

  • roybot

twoth the zeppelin

'ere laddie! come hear the tale of the zeppelin of steve. the most majestic zeppelin in all the kingdo- hey? where you going? sit down. ok. now where was i. it was the most majestic pinto in all the zeppelin of kingdom. it floated amighty 'twixt the yonder arboretums of his father great steve the sire. young steve wanted to pilot that zepplin, you see. but great steve the sire said he was too young, so he snuck up to the zepplenry one evening. ah, i have your ear now, don't i? yes sir. he's seen them do it a thousand times, and so he just did it himself. he floated off quietly, undetected. the wind whipped his hair around; the lad had never felt so alive. then he pulled out the lighter and bag of dogshit he brought along. he dropped that bag down on the doorstep of steve the sire from on high, splattering flaming dog shit all over the royal lawn. then steve sailed off to vegas, because the internet said there were hookers ther- hey! jeez, sorry lady! i was just telling your kid a story. sorry! ok! sorry! don't call the cops please

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker