December 28th, 2011

  • roybot

having considered our predicament

Words that were long ago moved through time and space.

The Arsenal: Somewhere in the 7th ring of Alpha Machanicus, PNRFNE's long forgotten arsenal of thoughtsculptors (37) gathers dust. No one searches for them, not even PNRFNE. His mind is empty. The taciti (19) STUMBLED upon it in the 7th era, but the discovery wiped their minds clear. FRIRA hid the arsenal with his lunar apparatus.

Grains of Sand (access file 21:37:00): Somewhere in that deep desert, PNRFNE blinded (43) himself. THIS IS THE BEGINNING. --not supposed to find his molecular lifeboat-- He had escaped the last cosm altered (37) like all the other(s). Their names were FRIRA. They had no name.

The Graphite Cube: Was not a mere distraction, but the purpose remains unknown. FRIRA built it with her lunar apparatus.

The Library: He had abandoned the searchers, or perhaps they had abandoned him. PNRFNE was blind, yet he opened his eyes. The grain of sand. THE GRAIN OF SAND. FRIRA SHE HAD NOT STOPPED HIM YET. THE INFORMATION AT ADDRESS 0xZX7@$$$$%^$@! HAD BEEN CORRUPTED (79). Her voice had defiled the library, shattering the structures. PNRFNE's RAGE (29)
The Spider: FRIRA had left our friend a surprise. Used their twisted (31) lunar apparatus to build an 8 legged machine, a mechanical poison, a technological illness. The illness replaced PNRFNE's spine before he could react. PNRFNE's rage grew a thousandfold (29).

The Prayer: FRIRA tunneled into the void, altering (37) herself yet again. There was no more hope for this universe. She did not know if PNRFNE could follow, but she prayed to the machine.