November 22nd, 2011

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Rice Outed

Major power-crumps on the pipe jolted my HTML heart hole and I awoke from sleep mode. I dazed up at tube-screamer circuit fish nimbling the binary barnacles from the Unix Operating System which had become my makeshift home. A thick fog of Viagra spam descended over the weblands. Rodents and marketing experts scurried for shelter under a 53MB uninstalled service pack. I knew what was next, that's why I didn't click anything...

Posted by Rick Moran Is
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sine of the times

"...loop loop loop spin..." the machine continued. I could see that I was
getting nowhere and I increased the belt tension. Soon the tray arrays would
arrive and I needed to have the presentation ready
John "The Corgi" Brootherson was not to be fooled with.
Finally the machine sputtered "...loop loop lool polo lool polo rotate.
I gathered the documents hastily and shuffled to the meeting room.
The arrays arrived and scowled,as usual.
Brootherson would be pleased this day.

      l                          o   o     p                    l     o o         o                o         ll           l             l            p             o           o              o              l         p                l                o     l                    o                   o                         

Posted by wolf530 (analog hacker extraordinaire)