August 25th, 2011

  • roybot


The terrible thing about boat shoes is that you must a) have a boat B) know someone with a boat OR 3) plan a voyage necessitating transportation to you destination via a boat in order to not look like a wanker. I'm wondering why there needs to be a specific type of shoe for boating anyway... Is there something obvious that I am missing? Do they a) give you extra grip on a wet deck in turbulent seas? B) Do they ward off sharks, puffer fish and killer whales? OR 3) Do they have a compass built in? NO. No, I know what it is: they facilitate an aura of leisure don't they? YEAH. Leisure is something for the well off (and Larry) otherwise it is known as loafing. Loafers are the best kind of shoe for this. They are remarkably similar to boat shoes.

Posted by Rick Moran Is