March 22nd, 2011

  • roybot

this is not about pete's fungus at all

the hordes of juju mamas -- the budget han solos seeping into the water supply. the phektor gleason ratio would have to be rationed with. the tea supply of madrid, india. did you know there are many bicycles that don't like me? it's because they believe me responsible for the prime parthenogenesis. it wasn't me, really, i just happened to stumble onto the scene. i was trying to male a parcel to utah. some salt, so they could throw it onto that pile they have -- it was expensive in those days, you know. SALARY! they also set aside funds for parsnips, in addition to salary. in any case, this tangent is keeping me from rationalizing the ratio. the arrangement. the divine arrangement - from salary to parsnips to juju mamas. to the budget han solos seeping into the water supply. seeping into the windows! into the walls. budget han solos. rubber budgie purple plungers. into the waaaattt-tut-tattur!! kleepazoid fungus, o yea fistula, donno body winga~ im sorry wat?

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker