November 23rd, 2010

  • roybot

Conjunctions are for pussies. Aren't they?

your googles arses a curse; but, then again, what ever happened to pop will eat itself? pork seems to be big news these days. I heard hte other day that some dude ate pork and the pork tasted good; but it is STILL a growers market. I mean, loook: "mirror" is just like saying "see" in american in mexican, which is funny...... mirrors can't see a darn thing, but they can reflect... which is more than you can say aBOUt that damned goldfish of yours. seriously d00d. All that thing does is eat and swim around in mace (I guesss that's why it can't see anymore). how bout you do something bout that... dick


Posted by shitbowl