November 14th, 2010

  • roybot

reminiscing about deuces with fuckle

RTQP: what's the mileage on that deuce you got there
RTQP: what is she, an 18-footer?
fuckle: 18 foot six and a quarter
fuckle: pure kentucky deuce
fuckle: they don't build 'em like this anymore.
fuckle: true deucemanship's gone the way of the dodo
RTQP: i tell ya. it's getting hard to even find someone that can polish a deuce like that
fuckle: deuce buffin' is a dying art
fuckle: just a few old-timers left who know how to put a mirror shine on a class iii log
RTQP: the river ain't worth floatin' it down neither. all full of justin bieber's little rabbit droppins
fuckle: it's a cryin' shame.
RTQP: i wish i could have done seen the civil war deuce floating down the nile back down in 1927.
fuckle: boy, it was a sight to see. the whole town turned out to wish it well as it stank up the riverfront
fuckle: nothin' like it before or since.
RTQP: space deucein' ain't progressin' neither. man done landed a deuce on the moon. now we're still fartin' and a-tootin' about with global deuceocommunications
fuckle: we've been goin' downhill ever since howard hughes flew the spruce deuce
RTQP: i heard he kept it in a jar.
fuckle: deuce jar
RTQP: deuce in a fuckin jar
RTQP: then float the jar too
RTQP: down the river

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker