October 27th, 2010

  • roybot

nordstrom niggles

nordstrom niggles give me the giggles. laps and laps of serious squiggles. we're goin over da wall, see. you got to have camoflage. otherwise the trees will see us in no time!!!
sezlike hummmmmmmmmmchupchaboogle, chupaporqato.

now, on the parakeet tip:
  • blood parakeets
  • mind parakeets
  • sex parakeets
  • affluent tangerine parakeets
  • tournikeet (on da legg)
  • parakeetatroopers (FLY MY PRETTIES!)
  • powerkeet
  • tje le eiffel keet

hi this is the ned section of the post. welcome to the ned section. ned section. ned ned nednendnendn nfslmdfsndlfknds NED OVERLOAD NED OVERFLOW NED NED NEFNSNENSDLMKNFLKDfSDF@E!@

management would like to apologize for the ned distruption. please fastion your saftey belts for further damage and/or injury.

wizzzzard aof warriaorir aworiaoewrpasjda daldak warpdeck 9000(()#)P(#((#GO EAST

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker