October 2nd, 2010

  • roybot

don't take this tangent at home

YES YES YES LINDSAY IS LISTENING TO ULRICH SCHNAUZER ON MARMALADE!!!! AND WHO ARE THE FANCY WINGS OF JUSTICE TO COMPETE? THE FLORAL SNEER OF PUMPERNICKEL PANTS SUBJECT ONLY TO THE MOZAMBIQUE CLOISTER INSPIRES RISING BILE IN ANY MAN. THE HEINEOUS ATAVOSITY OF KLUvinger's narcissistic agenda would surely come into play before the end was nyet. it is like not yet, but russian until then. the fingerprint reader wants to swipe my finger. but i need it! Take 18 was different, substanially so, was the basis of the final LP, after the previous take that Charley did punching the talkback button at the start of the song, announced Lennon's vocal, the first take. John deliberately kept Emergency Sirens in his pants for the song and thus they appear on the album cover. this did not stop after finding ringo guilty of nose, it went on and on, eventually running past ten minutes in length. John's shout to the others angered the gods. "OK, I've had enough!" The studio erupted into pure chaos -- the sound of a 'meathead' merged with dischordandt instruhmentayshun, schmaltzy pub piano, and blasts of guitar feedback, John Lennon repeatedly assuring the microphone "alright" and then, simply, a pastoral passage with lots of on-microphone mooing, feat. new girlfriend Yoko Ono, who was fond of saying such off-the-wall phrases as "riced out yugo" and with the overlay of delay, home made sound effects tapes. the piece ends with paul asking in an echo-soaked voice, "can we hear it back now?"

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker