August 3rd, 2010

  • roybot

wiglyding is now in 4e

younnwo... it's liek thees dues are killing me. I mean just smell my hat! just once an d i'll never ask youb again. my interent s i s ont he amtrakð, but the nagain, wat iws n't theese days... it stoped streamingn; screaming duck tales are at he door though and apparently the sign for a libra is a duck now... or something else. did you know htat?. But you know whatr? I'm glad dave barry came out with another book.

either that battery is dead or time stopped. watev i gues its one inb the same, for the battery anyway. hey, do you nawnt tto smele my hat it kinda smells likemy heafd i think but i could never be sure, not i ym entire life will i ever kno fer sure if my hat smells liek the top of my head it si strcitly impposible and it sreally bring ing me down rigfht now... or not. i supppose that 4e is a room nubler as goo das oany other but if you think i am going back and loking fort hat answer you are out of your minf d bruv... seriously int i told you not knowable so just smell my damn hat and imaginre the possiblililitliwes

Posted by shitbowl