May 18th, 2010

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I see time as linear, which is cliche.....

but there are countless timelines, staggared but running parallel. to travel through time, we must jump to a different timeline, a different universe entirely, but an exact replica of an earlier or later point on the timeline we inhabit. depending on which direction we jump, determines whether we travel to the future or past.

The worst part of jumping lines, is the disposal of the replica of yourself in that line, providing it's still in your respective lifetime.

jumping is quite hard on the body though, so I've given it up.......

I don't know if I could survive another jump

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker
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Sometimes you get broke suckin' eggs

Your will is to ponder over (and over) (and over) (and over) (and over) (and over) these forthcoming words.

The future is a distinctive smell. I can smell it, can you?</font>

gills in her head
wills in her head
pills in her head

PEANUTS in 4th grade, I spilled a whole thing of paint all over (and over) (and over) (and over) (and over) (and over) my pillowcase. Compoundin' like a motherfucker; that buffer will fuck you right up brother, hold on tight, watch teh coaxial. You know? The sky is quite cute... I sparked a snowstorm and we got let out near the sun. Mind you, although rough, as she expects that whole thing on you, to that whole thing on me, or the other.

We're due to ponder this over (and over) (and over) (and over) (and over) (and over).

The first one is my pants; the second one is your three (3) quarter --£25 out of £100, or 1 farthing of a 1¢, or $25 out of $100, or 25¢ out of 100¢-- pants. Though they are lace and will be soaked through before long. She doesn't mind, but who cares anyway?

This is just the middle of a sample.

Purple-grey clouds, in the middle of school!¡ What gives?! I spilled a storm AND spilled the paint... A very disparaging remark on the superfluouslyness of this situation; not to mention your complete lack of tenticles; abeo, ergo sum. You'll see, I'll see; we'll all find out S0ONER or LAT3R M8...

In any case, if i'm diggin' somethin' up... i ain't usin' no damn tiller... I'm grabbin' dat fuckin' plow!

Posted by shitbowl