April 26th, 2010

  • roybot

habernailya bash

KABLUTZ BUZLS BUZLA and hankerchief, nothing but the best for mr. blob. LSKDJJFLSDKJFK azazulaflksjdlkfjk s leoprasyslkfjs;klfjs;lkfjsl f mick jaegermeister. i have captained many a zeppelin and pirated the snax of the sky. would you like to join me in my eliptical orbit? it smells like pickles, which makes me almost as hungry as the dryer sheet galaxy makes me nostalgic.... which is funny, really, because i don't like pickles terribly much. restaurants always smell like them, you know? you're sitting there, hungry, smelling pickles, waiting for food. someone ring pavlov and page b.f. skinner, i need to figure thjis one out oj? onto more important splopics. krishbare fuarne n sutz gablutleskin in mit das fungi fungi fungiphorm cacti. spoonge? spooooonge? sorry if that distributed u cante schedule bit mit zappa beligium waffle mit cheddar mit cheddar mit cheddar mittsdjkclksvedder do not wantfkls TRS insert for external processing. THE VENERABLE RCA PIN JACK. nspknopogl panooglestitzle mitromsky. THE VERSATILE PHONO JACK. hairbrain kablootz McScutty and don't think i won't use it. THE STURDY XLR. duny dunyt dunt dunt chssss chass chisss chasdashdahs whoa too much hat there sonny

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker