April 12th, 2010

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it cannot walk, but for the grace of cod. how dare you photograph lord cod's rice block!! that is for dinner ~~~~~ furthermore mash. now suss. that is your duty. you have shirked your duty. naughty boy. your penance will be to listen to "ventolin" until your ears bleed and you understand the word "anxiety." i will "continue" to overuse "quotes." NONE FOR YOU! you will get the ventolin. it puts the ventolin in the basket. PUT THE FUCKIN VENTOLIN IN THE BASKET

Posted by Richard D. James
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gut ur fuckin swag on

:the dissertation on white noiz: pretentious "thing" and ludicrously pretentious "thing" and a sandwich that feels like the dissertation with a side of mushrooms at my Avant Garde Preschool

Posted by shitbowl