April 2nd, 2010

  • roybot

Aphorisms in Prefrontal Franchisers


Laminarian Structure

As, wanted parts, quality made over store-bought shenanigans. One, being honest, and having a box of such locked in unsqueezable despair, Is offered up as that which was so desired. And, by means of Velcro wallets, a semipectinate yungan, or college student, as it were, accepts Gary by means of an action; This, in turn, requires necessarily some other thing less than the real...


The Acceptableness of Dictyoceratine Gary Infrastructure

As it is not being used in dishonesty, before one can carry a box of Velcro wallets around this evening, as well as, quite ridiculously, today; one must clear the real and scurry in dishonesty. God doesn't exist. The ultra-conscientious will necessarily lose their values and inherently become a wholly unintended division of a militia.


Generic Slantendicular Mousing

Such mousing posits a priori that such acts defined here as inactive digital discourse, are intentionally “a snapped box of Velcro wallets around cops.” God doesn't exist. Dishonesty for Christian franchisers coexists with cops and velcro wallets. By “cops” and "velcro wallets” we mean to say firefighters and leather belts…


A Coherent Atheistic Position

God doesn't exist. Rather, it is nothing less than an into parts which could not be experienced by other things less than. No distinction between velcro wallets around cops and firefighters can be made here. She wanted to call us despairing; she wanted to call us unending; she wanted to call us Christians…


Clear, Optimistic Neo-malthusian Despair
I PROVIDE SNACK'S & All MEALS. I exist in all CAPS… His existence is existence as evident in the division of differentiae. And it is optimistic. God is dead. Life is made over store-bought existents; such existents reveal action.

We dumped a box of action in ur mum’s wat...

and she all wat iz diz shit al ovr I room wat wat!!!11111¡¡¡¡¡¡!!!1!!1 who r u n y r u herreewe ewr asf refrahj ˆ¨˙˜dbnjwIOHNsbIBiwbdWDU*(YHY^Tg. Go to helHJb SIL 1234567890 0987654321…

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