March 9th, 2010

  • roybot

thought nodule

a dearth of octomom tonic. mysterious vagina-shaped couch. i see what you fucking did there. i've seen these things on the internet, in the last thirty seconds or so. who knows what the next minute will bring? am i a sponge or a sieve, today? another tite squeeze. remember no? i don't either. electro auto disco beat, always keep the electro suweete. asdhjkaskdhjasjk futz. i could feel the stuff starting to work on my jawbone. my angle with respect to reality began to take on a series of rhythmic, itchy tingles. i started to develop political feelings regarding orange juice. my third arm disappeared, leaving me with only two and a buick. but, well, the doctor told me that would happen. i am splitting into red and blue components. red goes to work while blue plays xbox. green stays in the capsule, airlock shut, to maintain smoke density, sonic acuity, and kick drum thudd. also writes yugo post for peanut. lisbon thudd. meeennnnarhgkl. trickle. duck. QUACK!~2 nevlsa nevilelsemkls ks[pd wossszd. sauce

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker