October 25th, 2009

  • roybot

Ein Weltall in der Decke

So I looked up and there I saw it. There, in the ceiling, I beheld an entire universe, so unfamiliar as to be utterly alien.I could still see the lights. It was as if they followed me. They were at my command, however; though they did not leave me, they did as I asked them to do. Of course, I did not ask them to leave.For a time, I studied the construction materials involved with the place. There was something about it that drew my eye--some peculiar, subtle, and pervasive aspect to it upon which I could not seem to focus. I dismissed it, for the time being.In the dark, it came to me. I did not understand this language, nor could I make sense of the way it was written. It was, however, very colorful.

Posted by Atomdrache