October 6th, 2009

  • roybot

Being For The Benefit of MC Shuffle

i'm tired and lucid ted is joggling my eyebrow oh hey green shit, also some blue, water is like blood you know. dj potato mix, i'm going to skip this, i'm in a shuffle mood now and a 1hr mix is not conducive to shuffle. can you tell i'm in a shuffle mood. okay, it's put on dusty springfield. this is better. i got a candle burning, it's pumpkin or some shit, seasonal you know, except i use it year-round and it's just rollin up to hallween time. just as a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day, a seasonal candle burns the right smell once a year. i am making a note to acquire a running (non-seasonal) candle in order to rectify my odor/situation issues. i'm tempted to watch x-files, scully and T-1000, but nah. shuffle is kickin some weird shit i made one night. it's pulsey. nonetheless, i am skipping it. juliet, skip. fatboy slim fatbolow slam bawwump fatdatwhoa a deegie walk a decco walk a decco wecco waddegge wecco wadeege decco wagee wak a decco dumpadumpa LOVE LIFE, i've got to hagve it. okay bored, skip again. pink floyrd has instruct me to take up my stethoscope. did you know syd barrett astral travelled to pluto and brought back a bike? also a coat and a copy of the I Ching. yeah, guitar whap whap, schmaltzy organ, i dig this album. the other floyd albums, not so much. though, i did have this weird dream where it segued into this part and there was some piece of tribal art hanging on the wall in my living room, it looked like the thing on the cover of the division bell. i realized it was really valuable or something. i woke up and i went to that part of my place and stared at it, nothing there really, dunno, still trying to figure it out, i think i need carl jung or something. i know what freud thinks -- that it's a vagina -- but that doesn't really help me, here. okay, now shuffle is kickin up lady madonna. FACT: once i fired up quake 1, and it uses whatever cd you got in the drive for music. i had a beatles cd in. i witnessed the glory of exploding grunts to the rockin strains of LADY MADONNA and it fit in a way, a very funny way, and i laughed extremely hard. teehee^3. seeeee how they ruuuuunnnnuh. in yo hed'. prodigy, serial thriller, good track but not for right now. autechre, chillin in montreal, why not. diz electric goulash shuffle. somewhere, in the household of autechre, there is a large bin stuffed to the brim with meaty drum kicks. your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to recover this bin for me to upend into my sampler. the payment will be in squid. don't fuck with me, i know electric lou. alright enouigh of you letz get down2do

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker