October 3rd, 2009

  • roybot


I was born in South Dakota, at the age of four... and uh,
interestingly enough, if I may just interject this
at this point, my grandfather was the...the man who
carved Mt. Rushmore. Um, at the age of seven, I was
flown to Paris for private study, where for four years I studied the art of hand pupetry.
At the age of 11, I was flown back to the United States,
where I underwent an operation. Uh...OK OK, I-I-I'm
..I'm fourty-six, not fourty-seven. But uh, th-th the point
is,I was born in Texas at the.. studied rapelling,in Czechoslovakia until the age of four..wait,
I-I'mOK, wait a minute. My real name is Dr. SteenStein.Dr? Uh, It's Nurse Steen. W-w-Wait a minute. I,
uh, worked in a toll booth for a year and a half, and I
uhh..my hobby, my hobby is wood burning and formica.
Uh, But, Uh. Wait a minute.
I would like to level with you guys.
Uh...I was a member of the Mafia
for about six months, too.
Ya know? and you guys better be cool too,
because ya know those guys in Mount Rushmore?

I carved them.

Posted by wolf530 (analog hacker extraordinaire)