September 20th, 2009

  • roybot

Race conditions of the mind, pt 2

First off, nobody says "tranny" in place of transmission
anymore without feeling weird. What I mean is that it really is like
manufacturing aliens. You gotta be careful with that.
We don't normally. Our facility is located on Herculina and
we celebrate the birthday of Maximilian Franz Joseph Cornelius Wolf
twice each Saturday. TURN DOWN THE FUCKING TREBLE!
It's a simple affair. You drop off the money and pick up the goods.
Don't ask questions. Don't tell your friends. They'll know if they need to.
Back to the task on hand, son. You have to pay attention.
But that was along time ago, now we just sit around and smoke PVC.
I was really trying to say that you shouldn't do that.
All you can see from the surface is a cave. If you look closer
there is a door with a light on. You go in and pasta everywhere.
Let me tell you a story, son.

Posted by wolf530 (analog hacker extraordinaire)