June 16th, 2009

  • roybot


Ever wondered if you were identical to a bishop? Neither have i but the point im getting to is this.. there is no point.

Hmmmmm is it true that since ive fallen into this unknown abyss that the dilution of spades and pellets have become a threat to the face of society? no is your answer.

Brb a second. Back, i just had to try and think about thinking of what to think about next but it just wasn't happening, mayby if i had read the bible since birth i wouldn't be having this problem but there is a solution, you can now purchase the "Riced Out Yugo 10 Step Guide To Solving Everything" apart from Riced out yugo's obstacle course becuase its pretty much impossible.

Run John runn. Why did he not run :S ? its because he's drinking a plate of rice on a sunday afternoon, best to not get in his way, your identical but not quite.





Posted by Qube Lantern