June 15th, 2009

  • roybot

3131st Eye

meat me around the hairy -- not the meetball kind. you know the place. you know what i mean. so why do you insist on being a bicyclist with no pants on?? it's insulting to jesus. he wouldn't give you a bottlecap. there are some things man was not meant to tinker with, the label on the back of my microwave said so. for this reason i must insist you remove your toyota corolla from my nose immediately. i have sinus juicers and i'm not afraid to nose them. sinusoid. nasifold juicer. irrepaparble elkintosh. merriotwingian veebe. man, the spellchecker is not liking this -- no sir. i'd best get back to actual hax. you know that bib on sale downtown, blue and with the pocket? i have asked it to be my lawfully wedded wife, and to carve me soap out of peas. then i was arrested for sexually assaulting a mannequin. the spellchecker has no problem with this. i'd best get back to quaxual snax. veritability derivteeve. goate thief herded n2 elxcave 4 horn. beebeep. zipbang. morque. souvle. meagle. rumple. slut

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker