May 24th, 2009

  • roybot

listless biology system

relentless encyclopedia psychobabble. elitastic giraffe underpants. metaphysical metatarsle extrimulation. extranding the underpants of gynecologists across america. thrice truly the earwig fink chelz. dat track. dat track. (dat track being xmd5a). lentil soup cheffe. la cheffe. he cooks with numbers, you know. i'm sure the fbi reads this site due to all manner of bizzare and potentially alarming keywords. for the record, i'd like to say -- really, leave us alone, don't bug us, and we won't start shit. we're totally cool, just don't front, don't try to meddle with our shit. we'll keep it on the qt, swear. we just like slingin wat here @ yugo. anything else requires too much planning and forethought. excruciating delightful hyperboogie. dat track. dat track. (dat track being fenix funk 5). my brainstem b sonic trippin. sound sound yank, amazing sound. i wish i could impregnate modular synthesis with such virility as you richard. the life force of the elders is behind your testicular fortitude. come crash at my place sometime, we can discuss tunnels and european automobiles. please bring uma thurman as well; demi moore is starting to get a bit loose around the edges. sweedish hypermodel system. mads mcclean, irish sweedish dervish. o yea. duis trac louis.

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker