January 8th, 2009

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Barret-Era Floyd

word has it they took syd aside,
told him how many problems he was causing,
what with his standing on stage
not playing guitar,
staring into space.
to this he responded:
"is all this really syd's problem?"

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker
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Hello. I'm from space.

Hello. I'm from space.

That space which is outside the realms of the universe. If you want to observe a box, a whole box to get the overall picture you have to be outside the box. In a way, you always get to see the interior of the box if you are on the inside of the box at that time. Reading in between the lines it's easy to see the importance of said items above.

Nigga please.


On another note life is a bubble of energy. That's right, I read it in my diary. I'm coming from a strange angle but if you turn everything else around it looks normal. If 57 of these horses fall then how many horses are there left? 3.7.

How many people out there have had pseudo-friends? Sort-of acquaintances that you hang out with occasionally but wouldn't invite to your wedding? Usually this variety of friend ends up getting abused heavily within the social situations of the group. Another alias for this type of the friend is a bitch. It happens, if you haven't had the experience you are one of the lucky ones. Serious.

So school was shit wasn't it. Always some BS that went down. I mean that in a completely literal way.

The energy flash in my brain hadn't allowed me that day to calm down in the interior regions. Absolute bemusement of the forcefield had melted the inner circuitry. Incredible! A flying monkey. How absolutely ridiculous. I saw that inside my brain. Actually in all seriousness that sounds like something bjork would say.


Posted by Mahjong The Wisest