December 4th, 2008

  • roybot

typhoid fever in pakistan

what's this one called again, mac?? hexa... octangle? drowning on octangles. simply drowning in octangles. SO MANY OCTANGLES OH GOD THE OCTANraindrops keep falling on my hed. isometric hax maed of LED. cooperative religion, compariive religion, britney spears accessory dog religion. we've found our mixer. a woman can never be too which or too when, but should never be how or why. WAT. turismo gentry. elastic haxxor. chemical brothers sampling my thought patterns. tank recordings. richard are you out there? alpaca, cashmeierere, angle, cotton. cottonangle. croctangle. isohedrone. eyuouryiuvament. roundabout. chioeurhraeiusty etruscan. jfjf377. squaretangle. rhombus dance. love pyramid. dirigible scheme. ted zeppelin. LEDrangle. hextangle. SCHREW@!!~ gug3lieheim. grueeelastix. t329 funt. chor3 ch0o3 cho3 hco3. charlie was a chesmit but charlie lies no moar, wat charlie claimed was science hax was just BS of yore.

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker