December 3rd, 2008

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we control the horizontal; we control the vertical approximately 66.7% of the time.

fun facts about riced out yugo:
  • riced out yugo is riced out.
  • riced out yugo puts everyone first in line.
  • riced out yugo is about america.
  • riced out yugo is about the world.
  • riced out yugo hasn't had a scandal since... the last one.
  • riced out yugo is pro-consumer.
  • riced out yugo was founded in 1946 by sweedish nuns to help with the restoration effort after World War II. sadly, however, the founding nuns were actually cross-dressing male grifters from yugoslavia, who, after getting smashed, decided it would be a good idea. the misappropriated church funding lead to a series of international debacles, with the hot dog incident of 1964 firmly securing riced out yugo on the international scene. today, riced out yugo continues to deliver controversial and thought-provoking material, now conveniently delivered in the formFJSDKFJ OH CHRIST THE POPE HAS LASER VISION
  • riced out yugo is constructed entirely out of environmentally-friendly, so-green it's dank materials. mostly soy logs.
  • riced out yugo is riced out.
  • riced out yugo is fueled by satvia plants, venetian snares, little squares of paper, and lord pichard d. james captain of the s.s. idm
  • riced out yugo has a pirate AM radio station... somewhere.
  • riced out yugo pirates development software using stolen wifi, only to run mad codez on it pilfered from linus torvlad'z sekret codez stash.
  • the riced out staff enjoy riced out pistachios.
  • at a riced out party, be sure to ask about the riced out white russian, also known as the yellow russian. no, not because of that you dirty little monkies. it's because we add pure extract of #E4DA3A, riced out yugo's primary riced out color.
  • riced out yugo employs literally trillions of electrons, every single hour.
  • while riced out yugo controls the horizontal 100% of the time, it only controls the vertical 66.7% of the time. the remaining bandwidth is left aside for the viewer to

  • roybot

in the future

in the future, we'll all have virtual reality that is indistinguishable from reality. you will be able to load virtual boxing and be virtual george forman. you will be able to load the virtual rumble in the jungle and be virtual muhammed ali. you will have virtual george forman's virtual muscles, virtual reflexes. but training is not virtualizable. consequently, instead of getting into flame wars on message boards, in the future, all virtual arguments will be settled with virtual boxing. DIBS ON ALI, surf like a butterfly post like a bee

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker