August 19th, 2008

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beach blowout

H(!)ay u n2 new orleans funeral?

Come in and demand the world.
Cake. slides. intrinsic to cake's nature.
Cut me a check and I'll get back to you.
Roman candles, trucks, anti-gravity machine.

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you can blame adolf hitler for absolutely anything

few people have anything good to say about hitler, and for good reason: the guy was a total jerk. seriously, adolf, why did you have to be such a jerk?? jeez. he's good to rip on when you're annoyed, and just want to cuss someone or something out... in a socially acceptable manner!! if anyone asks why you're screaming curses, simply explain what a jerk ol' adolf was, and all will be forgiven. particularly if the plaintiff is jewish.

in fact, i've been thinking: whenever anything goes wrong, maybe i should simply blame hitler. you really can find a way to blame adolf hitler for just about anything...

"OW!! i stubbed my TOE!! goddamn that ADOLF HITLER!!!"

you see, adolf hitler created a lot of chaos and despair in this world. to this day, we haven't cleared all of it up. the despair weighs heavily on my mind, causing me to get lost in thought... and walk into coffee tables.

given enough pondering time, you can blame anything on anything, which underscores what a pointless exercise it is.

it also reminds us that words are a lie. all words are made up by people. there are things you can't put into words. words are a smaller world encompassed by a larger one: the universe. consequently, they can never really explain the universe completely and definitely. they are limited. they are never the final truth, in a zen kind of way. a lie.

while we're here:

- the smaller-world larger-world dealio is what those analog vs. digital cats are on about. my opinion: people forget that analog is also limited
- politics and governments are fucked because it's all about blame and never about solutions
- i'm out of beer, so this post is over

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker