August 11th, 2008

  • roybot

i have an excess quantity of silly today

i have an excess quantity of silly today, and only the yugo post window provides a safe and sufficient outlet. seriously - once i accidentally made a fire engine giggle, and it fell over and went boom. dancing man fancypants blue flame hair elation yugo textual masturbation. stuff ur pants get up n dance yugo trax droppin' squance. dub platez r us get on board the disco bus meltotinic spig muthafuckin tuss. afx files the dj piles all the while oxygen guitar. all fun and games, but next day sip sip headache the coffee. 18lb inanimate metal rod can solve this!! liftlift allbetter. touch touch your tose, freeze, breathe 'n' poze. find the signal. what is the frequency, richard. what is the modulator, richard, for the processed vocals in milkman? a 4sho, its just fo decarayshun. kboogie. mork mork mork mork mork mork miff mandy. big big BIG UPS, powers an entire server rack it does. but over time, battery gas magic smoke puff puff, no longer the server rack shepower nemoar. toot toot final battery gas server bell whistle darkness chrrrwrnkkachunk, oh no the halon system, another .com bites the dust. this is why you don't invest in bogeys. tbhey tend to blow. anyways, back to the blue man of fire dancing behind this post window. someday, someone will view this post, and that background will show up again. is it happening to you? if so, feel special, it probably won't happen twice. blue man of dancing fiar is likely the bastard love child of a baccharistic raver and photoshop. he looks a lot like a comic book character reallsjkldfsd ok i'm bored of that. mark mark murk mwap mwump thump dump grump PUMP sump chil chill chill chill ice in the hip-hopper along cropper filler upn topper, wait wats my tracking number? your deli counter position unique MD5 code, orderly service guaranteed. this post will now end, on the order of my bowels, which must upload data via the porcelain modem.

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker