June 15th, 2008

  • roybot


you lack discipline
you kids are soft
there is no bathroom
howdy stranger, this is howsa
no more mr. kimball i have to go to the bathroom
there is no bathroom
what's the matter, cia got you pushing too many pencils?
shut uppppppp
stop it, stop whining
get cha ass 2 mars
get out
dillon, you son of a bitch
run! go! get to the chopper!
my cpu is a neural net processor, a learning computer.
he will live
you psychopathic bitch
i'm a cop you idiot
sequence broken, ice crystals on your soul

  • roybot

inferno massif

i will now quote from squarepusher's "full rinse" feat. mc twin tub:

FKFKKF. FKFKKF .> FKKk fkkfkk  FKKFK kkfkfk Kkfkslfkl FKKklsfk l;kskf fkKFKK !~! kL l;kl;k k-0f 0- o L kfLKLLDFKKFK fk s-ozo =-z0- - 0z- -z - z- !  !!!!  zj9o zjp0 j z k-0i z-0  -0i -0 zZ!!! k-0 zmzzmzo- !^+& kf =-09a0 !~!!!! oz-= KFKF 0=\awpodk KDKDK d-0a-sd 0awo0- yourspecerequerstsdk;lfsd;lf A:Lfk al DAAaqQQWW dudnnkl k[p [ank dikdd dopa[op[ fiib [al[pl i-0gnq 00f9 aio jdjkpoa 0-0-d c082 jklfj kKF KFKFK ~!~!! kgpsdlg llDLKFK !kok fkf iwasbereogsner fsjlkfjL dudnosudnshine flsjlkfj 3po ODONAYURNABNNGs klfido foosei jlk3kj23kl goddayssunr3lm wjlfkds kl

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker