April 7th, 2008

  • roybot

"you can't make this shit up"

sometimes my mind takes pictures. this can be very useful in doing the things i do in order to be able to afford to write this, but tends to leave me with some bizarre artifacts that i really have nothing to do with except post here. so: today, when i was driving home from the aforementioned, my mind took such a picture, and here it is: i witnessed a middle-aged frog lady in a fantastic getup. the pants were bright, day-glow yellow, with some black pattern repeated all about: "go red sox!", i saw when i got closer. her jacket was red, white, and blue: a red sox jacket, of course. it had a ginourmous logo on the back. she looked at me, i looked back at her. the look she transmitted was nowhere near the level of a "what are you looking at?" but was not exactly a "deer in the headlights," either. it was at that point i wondered if she had deliberately dressed up in such flourescent finery to provide entertainment for passing traffic-weary motorists, and was perhaps simply looking to see if i smiled... this made me sort of sad, until i realized: dressed how she was, she was likely to cause a car accident. later, i got to wondering: what would freud have thought about someone that did such a thing? now, i am writing this post. hello picture of post. should i write about you, next? what the hell would freud say about me? what would freud say about this post? what would freud say about freud?

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker